Your Dependable Car Service to Pacific Palisades From LAX

If you’re visiting the LA area, you can’t say that you’ve seen it all until you’ve hiked or driven around the picturesque trails and vistas of Pacific Palisades. Once you arrive at LAX and plan to witness this thriving coastal community, make sure to book a reliable SUV, such as a Cadillac Escalade, or black car service, for utmost comfort. 

What advantages can you expect from professional airport transportation?

What advantages can you expect from professional airport transportation?

Using a flat rate car service to and from LAX eliminates the problem of getting stuck in traffic jams, arriving late, or researching the schedule of public transit. There are numerous advantages of hiring a professional company to drive you: 

  • A seasoned chauffeur will pick you up on time.
  • You won’t have to worry about unexpected fees
  • Your selected vehicle will be comfortable and stylish
  • Not a second of your time will be wasted on delays

What’s there to see and do around Pacific Palisades? 

There are plenty of attractions and places to see around LA’s westernmost neighborhood. It’s a thriving and peaceful community that is situated on the cliffs above the Pacific Ocean. When you visit Pacific Palisades, make sure to visit some of the most prominent areas: 

Palisades Village

The Village is the informal name of the downtown area of Pacific Palisades. It’s consists of a very cozy pedestrian and a luxurious shopping district, with high-end retail outlets, stores, restaurants, and cafes. All amenities are quite approachable, and it’s a great place to start exploring the area, either on foot or by hiring a flat rate car service.

The North Village

This neighborhood is also known as “The Alphabet Streets”. It’s located just north of the downtown Pacific Palisades. It’s also the oldest part of the community, founded in 1921 by a Methodist congregation. Each street is named after a Methodist bishop, and consecutive streets are named in alphabetic order, hence the name. The residential community is safe and within walking distance from the Village. It comprises mostly single-family homes.

What’s the most convenient way to get around Pacific Palisades?

Rustic Canyon

Rustic Canyon is one of the greenest and most lush parts of LA. Situated within a canyon Here you’ll find the Rustic Canyon Recreation Center, once the home of the infamous Uplifters social club. Now, it’s a place where you can enjoy a variety of sports activities and take a break from your daily responsibilities. It can also be used for public events, volleyball and basketball matches, and barbecue parties. 

Pacific Palisades & Sunset Beach

This local beach is renowned for being calm and clean for the better part of the year. Just west of it, right where the world-famous Sunset Boulevard meets the ocean, Sunset Beach begins. Both beaches are excellent spots for running, outdoor gymnastics, oceanside walks in the evening, and breathtaking sunsets. 

Gladstones Malibu

This is a famous and renowned restaurant in the neighborhood that you shouldn’t skip. Besides delicious seafood, Gladstones is a landmark with a beautiful deck where you can have an excellent view of the ocean.

Temescal Canyon

Here you’ll find the best hiking trail in LA with spectacular views of the ocean. If you’re looking to shed some extra pounds, this part of Pacific Palisades offers steep hills that are ideal for hiking enthusiasts. 

Palisades Highlands

This is a set of blissful upscale communities north of Sunset Boulevard. There are several gated communities within Highlands. Every one of these communities has a recreational area, a gym, and a unique vista. The neighborhood borders the scenic Topanga State Park, where you can enjoy untouched nature. 

What’s the most convenient way to get around Pacific Palisades?

Who offers the best car service from Pacific Palisades to LAX?

Apart from the charming pedestrian area, Pacific Palisades is generally quite approachable. You can consult with your car service from LAX to give you a quick tour around the neighborhood, and show you some of the local attractions. 

The whole neighborhood is famous for its many hiking trails, so you’ll notice this straight away. From Backbone Trail that extends for over 67 miles across Santa Monica Mountains, to the Inspiration Point trail, it offers endless opportunities for avid hikers. Of course, the trails attract cyclists and horseback riders as well, so you may try it out.

Also, you can easily get to Downtown LA using Sunset Boulevard, visit Santa Monica, using the Pacific Coast Highway. With professional black car service, you’ll easily get from Pacific Palisades to LAX using Lincoln Boulevard.

Who offers the best black car service from Pacific Palisades to LAX?

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